KOVE FSE 450 Rally Pro
$ 13,999.00 USD
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Compete with the pros on the all new KOVE FSE 450 Rally Pro!

RMD Moto is happy to bring you the all new Kove FSE 450 Rally Pro. A light-weight ready to race competitive rally raid motorcycle.

The Rally Pro is the first ever mass produced "Dakar Rally" type motorcycle in the world. With a range of over 300 miles the FSE 450R Rally is ready to take you to the ends of the earth and back.

The engine is a tuned counterbalanced Zongshen 450 engine with a completely new top-end that is unseen elsewhere. After extensive testing this engine has proven to be a reliable power plant.

Three years in the making, this is not a lookalike rally bike. It is the real deal and it is designed to be raced. The KOVE 450 Rally has a double overhead cam and when combined with mapping high performance exhaust and different manifolds, increases the performance. This engine revs, while simultaneously being very smooth and mechanically quiet.

It's a properly tuned, tried, and tested bike. It's designed as something that you can use in the Dakar or other equivalent rallies. It is very unusual for such a high spec machine to be released to the masses at an affordable price. This bike is not designed for gentle trail riding bike, although it will no doubt do it very well. The engine and the whole bike have been in development for 3 years whilst tests have been ongoing. We've been waiting for this particular model for this amount of time , but find the delay to be reassuring.

These are a very niche and unique type of motorcycle and not for everyone. If you have been looking for the ultimate light-weight, long-range race adventure bike, the KOVE FSE 450R Rally is your ride!

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  • 450 EFI 6 speed engine - Race Mapping
  • Full Titanium Race Exhaust
  • Over 8 gallons of fuel capacity for a range of over 300 miles!
  • Scotts performance stabilizer inspires confident handling
  • F2R 850 Roadbook Holder
  • Ico Racing meters
  • Hand Guards
  • Mousse inserts
  • Fully adjustable suspension 49mm, compression and rebound adjustment, ready for any terrain
  • Nissin front and rear hydraulic disc brakes no ABS
  • Quick access air filter
  • 5,000 plus mile service intervals
  • Rubber damper mounted taper style handlebars
  • And much more!
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