Discover the Thrill of ADVENTURE Rally Riding

SINCE 1995


RMD Moto is here to provide resources and to assist you on your journey into the exciting world of adventure rally riding and rally raid racing.


RMD Moto wants to help riders advance into the fun and exciting world of adventure road-book navigation. RMD Moto has been organizing adventure rides using roll-charts since 1995.

Back then we called them, “dual-sport” rides. They were actually mini rallies… we just didn’t know it! Advance to 2022, RMD has been providing everything for off-road moto adventurers; Moto Camping Experiences, Adv Rally Experiences, Scenic Off-road Detours, Race Support, Providing Road-book Routes, Building Rally Motos and now we are offering, the purpose built, KOVE FSE 450R Rally Motorcycle.


Owner “Montana Mike” Georgeson has always had a passion for adventure motorcycle riding. Whether he was riding signal track in the mountains, cruising down a dusty road, moto-camping or traveling around the world racing rally raid events, every ride has a story and that is what motivates him to want to share the adventure rally experience with others.